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Table of Contents September 2020

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Obituary: Baca, David “Dave”

Obituary: Gordon, James Alan “Jim”

Obituary: Harnish, Kerry Mitchell.

Obituary: Howland, Minetta Gail

Obituary: Shultes, Daniel M. “Dan”

Obituary: Williams, Pauline “Paula”

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Storkson, Britt: If you don’t want to be hacked

E-News Flash Readers’ Choice: Stabilizing A Slope

Innovation is Key to Rapid Growth

A Reputation for Excellence


Battersby, Mark E.: Drilling Into Money Not Boring

University Takes Advantage of HDD

50 Years of Revolutionizing HDD

New Pump Specifically for HDD Operations

Frequently-Used Geological Term Pt 89


Putting Gas & Oil Workers Back to Work ~ Plugging

Kwader, Thomas: Environmental Monitoring

Growth Doesn’t Happen by Itself

Ice Cores Reveal Global History


Kuebelbeck, Jim: Through the Back Door!

Canadian Partners Set to Begin Ecuador Exploration

A Golden Anniversary and the American Dream

Gas & Oil

Wilson, Jr., Robert Evans: The Un-Comfort Zone II

Transforming Compressed Air & Power

Colorado Prepares to Implement Strict Wellbore

The Oldest Operating Oil Well in the World


New Drilling Technique for Geothermal Possibilities

No Job Too Large or Small

“Smith, Billy Bob”: The “Idiot’s” Corner


Another 20 Years is a No-Brainer

Forging for Stability

Production Resumes at the Cusi Silver Mine

Connor, Tim: Lifes Ten Vital Ingredients Pt 1


Five Generations of Drilling

Over 70 Years of Innovation for Water Well Products

Developing High-Performance Mud Pumps

Rasmussen, Tim: Water For Life International
From a Wooden Reel to a State-of-the-Art Instrument

Ballard, Thomas: Notes from the Groundwater Guy

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