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Obituary: Johnson, Ronald R. “Ron”

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Cosby, Scott: Safety Spotlight: Surviving Winter Weather

New Geotechnical Engineering Center Turns to Nature

Opening the Doomsday Vault

The Sky’s the Limit

Using Sonic Technology for Earthquake Protection


Frequently-Used Geological Terms Part 44

Sand Drying: An Essential Part of the Fracturing Process

“Smith, Billy Bob”: The “Idiot’s” Corner

U.S. Shale Industry Could Impact Global Oil Prices

Using HDD to Cross the Yellowstone River


E-News Flash Readers’ Choice: Artesian Water and Wells

Kwader, Thomas: Environmental Monitoring

White, Harold: Oil/Water Exploration


Air Quality Issues and Blasting

Battersby, Mark E.: Drilling Into Money Not Boring

Drilling & Blasting at Fleming College: 37 Years of Education

Rehme, Kyle: How Did You Get Your Start?

Gas & Oil

Connor, Tim: Authenticity

Get the Facts About Oil Sands

Storkson, Britt: Trending

Winter Can be Sickening


China’s Sleeping Industry Could Wake Up

Geothermal Drilling Continues in Guatemala

Wilson, Jr., Robert Evans: The Un-Comfort Zone II


Freimuth, Eric: Hydraulic Training

Mining in the USA Part 28: Vermont

Short, Harry W.: The El Dorado Gold Mine

Training Program Improves Production


Basic Irrigation Terminology Part 7

Corey, Bill: Suction Lift

Drilling Industry Rescues a Water Well in Ethiopia

How Drilling for Water Changed After World War II

Kuebelbeck, Jim: Through the Back Door!

Rasmussen, Tim: Water for Life International

Texas Coal Company Wins Award for its Irrigation System

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