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Table of Contents July 2022

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MamaJo Called it a Day: A Project Update

Storkson, Britt: Is There Anything Not Automated

Camp Helps Girls Explore Construction Trades


 Wilson, Jr., Robert Evans: The Un-Comfort Zone II

The Role of Reamers

Fort Lauderdale HDD Project Wins Three Awards


Kwader, Thomas: Environmental Monitoring

E-News Flash Readers' Choice: Aquatic Plants

Turning Mining Waste into a Valuable Resource

Ten-Year Pipeline Study Highlights Reclamation


Peterson, Ronald: Blasthole Drilling and Mining

Lucky Friday Mine Demonstrates Success

One-of-a-kind Drill Core Research Facility

Frequently-Used Geological Terms Pt. 94

Exploration Drilling in Little Smokey Valley

Gas & Oil

When Gas and Oil and Mining Collide

Battersby, Mark E.: Drilling Into Money Not Boring

Gas Flaring in the U.S. Hit a Record Low


Connor, Tim.: Work

Is it Time to Ditch the Tow-Behind Compressor?

Geothermal Collegiate Competition Winners


Boxhole Boring Machines at Work in Chile

Thacker Pass Lithium Project Moves Closer to Construction

Ontario Promotes Mining Education & Tourism

MSHA Safety Tips - Electricity


Tri-State Rig Mixer

Freshwater in the Sea at Easter Island

"Smith, Billy Bob": The "Idiots" Corner

Groundwater and Irrigated Agriculture Study to Benefit