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Obituary: Irish Jr., Ronald F.

Obituary: Malzahn, Ed

Obituary: Sexton, Earl

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AEM Announces Award Winners

bauma 2016 Poised to be the Hub for Innovation

Cosby, Scott: Safety Spotlight: Utility Location

“Smith, Billy Bob”: The “Idiot’s” Corner


Christ, John: My Story About the Drilling Industry

Rehme, Kyle: Lessons in Controlling Workers’ Comp Costs

Utilities Industry Could Boost HDD Market

Vermeer Announces New HDD Operator Training


Coral Reef Coring in the Florida Keys

Kwader, Thomas: Environmental Monitoring

Rasmussen, Tim: Water for Life International


Designing a Drill for Use in Space

Frequently-Used Geological Terms Part 47

Wilson, Jr., Robert Evans: The Un-Comfort Zone II

Gas & Oil

Connor, Tim: More Living with Wisdom

Oilfield Chemicals Industry on the Rise

The World’s First and Only Dive Rig

Women and the Energy Workplace


Exploring Geothermal Opportunities in British Columbia

It’s Time for the 2016 Geothermal Design Challenge

School to Research Gas and Oil Technology for EGS

Storkson, Britt: The “Switch” that Changed the World

Tavino, Peter: Extra Benefits of Geotherma


Battersby, Mark E.: Drilling Into Money Not Boring

E-News Flash Readers’ Choice: Hitting the Salty Spot

Oklahoma’s Food-Grade Gypsum

Short, Harry W.: February is Amethyst


A Quick Stop Down South

Corey, Bill: Denver

Defying the Norm

Kuebelbeck, Jim: Through the Back Door!

The Rose-Wall Mfg., Inc. Experience

What Makes a Good Water Well?

Xylem Celebrates a Milestone

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