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   Crews working on Tacoma, Washington’s street car extension will be drilling a tunnel for a new water main underneath a pedestrian tunnel below a road running next to Tacoma General Hospital. After the first part of the drilling project is complete, the contractor will bore more tunnels for sanitary and storm sewers.

Are Arizona’s Water Supplies Drying Up?

Recycling Water in the Oil Field

Ethiopia Awards Drilling Contract

Complicated Drilling Project Commences

   KenGen Plc has won a major drilling contract for Ethiopia’s first geothermal energy exploration projects. The $80 million project includes two sets of drilling rigs and an entire year of geothermal drilling services.

Mine Remediation on Display in Montana

   Water regulators are worried about the water supply in Arizona. The state’s Colorado River drought plan may affect irrigation supplies for area farms and future development efforts.

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   Permian Basin operators are reusing and recycling produced water. Some of their experiences and best practices include moving away from freshwater and toward brackish, nonpotable water, clean brine (produced water), or a mixture, with additional and larger percentages of clean brine being used going forward.

   For the last several years, the Montana Department of Environmental Quality has worked with the U.S. Forest Service and the State Natural Resource Damage Program to clean up contamination from the Upper Blackfoot Mine Complex. Local high school students were eager to learn about the remediation efforts.