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   Core drilling has helped Indonesian scientists discover an ancient pyramid which has been hidden in plain sight for thousands of years buried inside Mount Padang in West Java, Indonesia. Scientists believe this could be the world’s oldest pyramid with speculation it could date to 28,000 years ago.

Island Nation Seeks Geothermal Resource

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   88 Energy is extending the farm-out of its conventional oil acreage for Project Icewine in Alaska’s famed North Slope oil province to the first quarter of 2019. The decision was made to maximize the number of bids while remaining within the logistical schedule required for the drilling of multiple wells in the 2020 operating season. Baker Hughes is carrying out a comprehensive review which includes predrilling work completed by Burgundy Xploration and data obtained from the Icewine-1 and Icewine-2 unconventional shale wells..

   For the past year, construction crews have worked on the Three Rivers Protection and Overflow Reduction Tunnel, as part of a broad effort to improve water quality in Fort Wayne, Indiana’s rivers. Despite encountering groundwater issues, the project continues to make progress. A 20-foot-diameter tunnel boring machine nicknamed MamaJo is expected to complete its portion of the project within 18 months.

Maximizing Opportunities

Tug of War in Colorado Now Settled

Pyramid Hiding in Plain Sight

   Just six weeks after Colorado voters rejected a proposition to increase buffer zones for gas and oil drilling, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission voted to approve larger buffer zones. New wells will have to be at least 1000 feet from school buildings and childcare centers, as well as outdoor areas used by schools, including sports fields and playgrounds.

Tunnel Project Moves Forward

   The Caribbean nation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines will be drilling for geothermal energy in hopes of building a ten-megawatt geothermal power plant reducing its dependency on imported diesel, and providing a new sustainable and affordable source of energy using an indigenous resource.

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