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WorldWide Drilling Resource August 2014

This month's Editorial Focus is Water Well ~ life sustaining



The Importance of Groundwater Sampling

The basic steps of groundwater sampling are emphasized in this article.             more

Environmental Monitoring

Have you ever wondered where most of the water in a borehole comes from? There is a saying that 90% of the water comes from 10% of the borehole.             more

Memories and Experiences

By way of introduction, Mr. Art Beatty is a true legend in the drilling industry, and the WWDR Team is proud to call him friend.             more

“Water for Life International”

Hello, we are thinking English once again as we are back home and will probably be trying to reply in limited Spanish for a while.             more

Terms Part 8

Flow rate or capacity, we are talking about an amount of water moving past a certain point in a given amount of time.             more

Flow Meters Expected to see an Increase in Asia-Pacific Area

A flow meter is an instrument used to measure the volume of fluid passing through certain point over a given time.             more

Irrigation Project in Malawi Receives Grant

The African Water Facility (AWF) is offering a substantial grant to the government of Malawi to help the country with plans to expand irrigated agriculture in the Lower Shire Valley.             more

The Drop Pipe that Pays You!

When you decide to build or rehabilitate a water well system, the greatest concern is generally the cost. Next, is usually the flow rate or gallons per minute (gpm).             more

Plugging and Sealing an Unused Drilled Well

An open well no longer in use is a potential threat to groundwater quality in an aquifer and a physical risk to people and animals.             more

Sewer Tunnel Replacement in Charleston

Since 1999, Charleston Water System in South Carolina, has been working to replace the network of deep tunnels carrying sewage to the Plum Island Wastewater Treatment Plant.             more

Sisk and Sons Drilling Company Making a Difference

In today’s world of technological ad-vances it’s hard to imagine places without the basic essentials such as water and electricity.             more

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