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WorldWide Drilling Resource October 2014

This month's Editorial Focus is: Geothermal Heights



A Difference

Mud is a wonderful tool you can’t afford to waste. You want to use it, but it can be hard to manage.             more

A First for Greenwich Avenue

In Greenwich, Connecticut, 12 geo-thermal wells were drilled for a new three-story, 12,000-square-foot, mixed-use building.             more

Cool New Microchips Can Take the Heat

Temperatures exceeding 392°F (200°C) are often encountered during geothermal production.             more

Drilling Fluid Updates

What, if any, are the advantages of using Hole Plug rather than Barotherm Gold to grout geothermal wells?             more

Geothermal Feng Shui

I had a nice, summer geothermal consultation in northern Massachusetts recently.             more

The Ups and Downs of Geothermal Engineering

Geothermal engineering has had its ups and downs, but has never had a true breakthrough moment.             more

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