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WorldWide Drilling Resource November 2014

This month's Editorial Focus is: Safety is Utmost



Safety Program Development

This month’s article will focus on developing a safety program.             more

History of the Hard Hat

About 20 million Americans wear hard hats on the job today, but 100 years ago hard hats didn’t exist, and 50 years ago head protection was not strictly enforced on jobsites.             more

Increase Drill Rig Safety with New Bearing Assembly

Recently, the Timken Company introduced a product designed to help increase safety and improve uptime on oil rigs.             more

Murdered by a Silent Killer

It was February 8, 2014, when my family received the devastating news.             more

Ebola Virus Could Hurt West Africa’s Oil and Gas Industry

According to research and consulting firm GlobalData, the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa has led oil and gas exploration and production programs to question...             more

New Tool for Miners

Underground miners are exposed to high levels of diesel exhaust on a daily basis.             more

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