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WorldWide Drilling Resource January 2015

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This month's Editorial Focus is: RIGS, RIGS, and MORE RIGS


Recordkeeping is Always Important

Due to my upcoming marriage, this article is a review of the importance...             more


Drilling in Low Overhead Locations

Meeting the changing needs of customers can be challenging, but one company...             more


Everything You Want in an Environmental Rig

The 9520-VTR PowerProbe™ by AMS, Inc. is used to perform...            more


Living the American Dream

They made the decision over dinner one evening. “I think we should start...”             more


A New Generation of Old-Fashioned Quality

For several decades, Acker Drill’s objective has been to provide contractors...             more


Sonic Drilling Using One Tough Brat

When core drilling through boulders, wood, concrete, or man-made debris,...             more


Powerful Force with a Small Footprint

SmallRotoSonic (SRS) rigs from SonicSampDrill capture powerful sonic...             more

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