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WorldWide Drilling Resource July 2014

This month's Editorial Focus is Shallow Gas & Oil



How HDD Operations Use the Earth’s Magnetic Field

For centuries mankind has relied on the earth’s magnetic field for navigation.             more

Ways Your Life Would be Ruined Without Gas and Oil

In case you were looking for some literature to hand out at the next antifracking rally, here you go.             more

The Case for Bio-Based Oils

Is your company interested in increasing factory throughput, reducing equipment costs, and improving product quality in a safer environment?             more

“EPA Revises Permitting Guidance for Hydraulic Fracturing”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced new underground injection control (UIC) program permitting guidance for wells using diesel fuels during hydraulic fracturing activities.             more

2013 Oil & Gas Award Winners Announced

The Oil & Gas Awards recognize the outstanding achievements made within the oil & gas industry; rewarding success and commitment to health and safety, as well as environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility.             more

Keystone Pipeline Delayed Again Despite Support of Americans

The Keystone XL pipeline has suffered yet another setback as the U.S. Department of State has invoked a recent court ruling as its latest reason to avoid making a decision on the pipeline.             more

Oil Field Discovery in Colombia

Geopark Limited, the Latin American oil and gas explorer, operator, and consolidator with operations and producing properties in Chile, Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina, announced successful drilling and testing of the new Aruco 1 exploration well in the Llanos 34 Block in the central Llanos basin of Colombia.             more

One-of-a-Kind Pipeline Project

Alberta is known as the oil capital of Canada and accounts for 98% of the country’s entire production.             more

Water/Gas Exploration

I have been driving through the Bakken oil fields - thousands of square miles in this area.             more

Coproduction of Geothermal Resources from Oil and Gas

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Geothermal Technologies Program (GTP) conducts research, development, and demonstration projects throughout the nation on coproduced and geopressured geothermal energy sources.             more

Polyurethane Hose Sets Industry Standard

The shale boom has changed the game for oil and gas (O&G) producers. Creative ingenuity resulting in new horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing techniques has opened up many new opportunities.             more

Opportunities Abound for Nigerian Oil and Gas Companies

Atlantic Energy Co-CEO, Scott Aitken recently gave a presentation at the African Oil Week, in Cape Town, South Africa.             more

Technology Agreement Signed in Mexico

A technology collaboration agreement has been signed by GE Oil & Gas, Mexico’s state-owned oil and gas company Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), and the Mexico Institute of Petroleum (IMP).             more

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